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500 Ways You Know You’re From Windsor

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Coming June, 2012!
If you are baby boomer (or, the child or parent of one) who grew up or lived in Windsor, Ontario, then this book is about – and for – you. 

Do you remember Bob-Lo Island, the Elmwood Casino, Skyway Drive-In, downtown icons, (Kresges, Smiths & Adelmans, Woolworths), the Hi Ho, lost movie houses, CKLW TV & The Big 8, Detroit Rock & Roll, trips to Point Pelee – and that’s just for starters!

Check out this very cool promo video here!

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  1. My wife & I are both from Windsor . We both have fond memories of Windsor . Now retired after 53 years of continuous service in the evenings I search the internet for informaton on my former birth town . I left Windsor on a job promotion & transfer . These transfers brought me to Calgary ,Toronto , Burlington , back to Riverside , London , Guelph & finally to Fort Wayne Indiana for the past 22 years .We still have family in Windsor . I attended St. Joseph elementary school through grad 9 & then transferred to Assumption High for Grade 10 graduating in 1955 . I hired on @ Bendix Eclipse located on Argyle Road . I was told the original building was formerly a Stable for Hiram Walker but can find no info yet to support this .I have pictures taken with the President Mr. Keeley , myself & a group of Junior Achievement teenagers that we supported in the late fifties . I may even still have pictures of the machinery in the plant probably taken in the 1920 era . Large overhead Belts driving the machinery .Like so many USA companies Bendix located in Windsor to serve the Large Automobile Companies ( Ford ,Chrysler & General Motors , Willies & Jeep )with products such as Starter Drives , Hydraulic Brakes , Vacuum Brakes etc .
    I have been reading your various articles found on the internet . I also ordered a book today ( Windsor Then )from Roger Urdemann . I am sure it will live up to everything good he has said it is . I also was told you will be issuing a second edition of your other book ( 500 ways you know you are from Windsor ). Look forward to also ordering a copy of this book .
    So what started off as a search for something I remember from the late 1940 & mid 1950 eras has allowed me to stumble on your fine books & articles . I had been looking for a picture of East Windsor Bathing Beach which was around George Avenue & Riverside Drive .Keep up the research .

    • Hi Robert:

      Look for the reprint this summer- you can follow us on website at

      I have many many photos- we are in bali until may so get in touch with us then

      Kindest Regards

      Chris Edwards

      • Thanks for responding to my email . That was really quick .As I mentioned I had other pictures of the Bendix facility on Argyle Rd .I got these from my boss who had them in an old file .These must have been taken way back when Bendix first located in Walkerville .I will hopefully locate them & next trip to Windsor drop them off . I looked up Bendix & Henri Perrot on the internet . My mother had been a governess for their family back in Paris France for 21 years . She moved to Windsor & my father moved from either Chicago or Indiana .

        arrngements were made to give him a job at the new Bendix Plant so they could get Marries ..

  2. Get Married which they did . I am one of the two sons .Henri Perrot had the patent for Hydraulic Brakes . William Bendix purchased this patent . So now you know the rest of the story . Mr. Perrot even came to Windsor once & we met him . Even had dinner with him & Mr. Keeley at the Golf course .

  3. In my early days with Bendix I co ordinated with both Ford & Chrysler on export shipments . The packaging of their requirements was done by Butcher & Ried industries . Butcher was a tennant of the Peabody building in Walkerville . I spent many a trip to this facility .I also remember my trips to the Ford Export Office which was located right on the waterfront near Hiram Walker . This facility was torn down .
    I can remember touring the Ford Motor Company assembly plant near Drouillard . Lots of memories for sure .

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